In a world of who’s its and what’s its, who am I?  We all have that person that we at very least know of, that is excessively wealthy. You know what I mean, stupid money. Throws parties for 100’s of people they don’t know, has a mate at least 20 years younger at all times, seems to not work and overall when you really think about this person, they’re kind of a king pin douchebag.  Then you have the other person you know or somewhat know, who just can’t seem to get their life together, into their 40’s and still couch surfing with no real direction, maybe dabbles in drugs but definitely if asked you can’t think of a darn thing to say this person does for work, right? We all know these people. They are the broad ends of the spectrum.

So you ask yourself, where does that leave me? You’re neither rich nor poor, neither the best looking nor the worst looking. You’re kind but could be kinder. You give but could give more. You’re not a jerk per se, as in someone who is rude. But you’re kind of a jerk in the way that it seems both of the above mentioned people are luckier than you are. Why you ask, who wants to be considered a douche bag? And who wants to live a life of uncertain couch cushions?

You think you do. Why? Because the two things the people above have in common are… They are carefree. Or seemingly so. And you desperately want that.

The winner has all this money and can travel and buy shit like $10,000 watches which could feed an entire city of impoverished human beings. The loser has no ties to being anywhere at anytime and somehow eats, sleeps and travels around also carefree with no responsibility.

And here’s you, you work hard, you try hard at everything you do but your stressed. You borrow from Peter to pay Paul, you buy a car you really can’t afford, pushing yourself to be something that maybe you’re just not. And in the midst of all this hard work, you manage to be a really good person. Always doing what’s right, but you think the world shits on you.

I can just hear you all now, “but, but I was taught if you try hard, you will succeed.” My answer is, you already have succeeded you’re just the jerk that can’t see it.

This is the problem, definitely in L.A. and maybe in more parts of the world. You define success by WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE THAT YOU DO NOT.

Now, here’s the 80’s child in me with a little Ice Cube for you, YOU BETTER CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF. That’s right pal, the jokes on you. Stop wasting your time thinking about what Joe blow and loose Lucy have and start thinking about your own situation and the success of you as an individual.

Since when is winning in life defined by what others constitute as a win? To put things into perspective here are the only questions you should be asking yourself to define whether or not you are in fact a winner or a loser. *Take note that none of these questions concern money or looks.

Am I a better person than I was yesterday?

Will I be a better person tomorrow than I am today?

How can I continue to learn?

Do I try hard to never hurt others?

Do I strive to give more than I get in all aspects of my life?

Do I generally love others?

How can I grow and nurture situations and relationships that help me be a better person?

To succeed, you must stop judging and start loving. You must learn all that you can learn in life. You must give and give wholly of yourself and of your heart. And you must wake up every single fucking day and try to be a better person than you were the day before. Then and only then will you be a successful human being rather than the jerk in-between.