All day long, everyday, we run into situations where we are selling ourselves. Yup even you paper pushers. You want someone to hurry up and sign a document, look for a file for you or set a call for you. You may want someone to make your lunch order correctly, someone at the bank to push through your loan document. Whatever you do in your life is beside the point you need things to go your way in many circumstances in everyday life.

I’m not saying that using these words will make everything in your life go 100% your way but I can tell you these are proven words to get people to trust you and do the things you are asking of them.

Disclaimer: Dishonest people trying to manipulate others, stop reading here. This is not for you.

This is for the hard working person, selling a good product, themselves, that genuinely needs things to go there way, at their jobs, in their homes and with their relationships.

Sometimes people just don’t want to do what you are asking even when you know they can. There are things you can say that give them a new perspective and guarantees them that you are an honest forthright person.

Here are the top 20 words that you should be using in everyday life, along with dialogue to help you understand the effectiveness.

  1. Guarantee – A guarantee, who doesn’t want one of those? Guarantee whomever your speaking with that what your ask of them is legit and if there is a part for you to do, you guarantee you will do it.  “I can guarantee you, this works.”
  2. Proven– Telling people that something is proven, is a strong way of making your case. When you say something is proven, that means research has been done and facts derived from that research are out there to prove your case in point. “It’s a proven fact that you need to use words like these to have strong conversations.” When you know something is the truth and there is evidence to support that truth isn’t it better to use the word “Proven” rather than just trying to convince someone? When you use this word, there is no question whether or not your statement is factual rather than opinionated.
  3. You – You is very powerful word. Used in the right places in conversation and used frequently let’s the person you are speaking with believe that you are all about them. “This would fit you.” “You look amazing in that.” “That dress was made for you.” Any of these statements sound familiar? That’s because you have probably all heard them 100 times when someone is trying to sell you a car or clothes. They use this word because it works. “When you use these words, you will start seeing a difference in what people will do for you.”
  4. New – Rarely is there a time when people use the word new to describe something negative. It’s usually a descriptive word to define something exciting, like a new job, a new car, a new baby. So why not incorporate this word into your vocabulary a little more often. “It could be a whole new you.” “Say John, would you mind answering the phone this new way.” Do you see how much better and more positive that sounds than saying, “Say John, can you change the way you answer the phone?” “Or will you answer the phone like this?” The word new can make people feel like it’s just a new different way to do something rather than pointing out how they were doing the action in a negative form. Creating positive direction when dealing with others makes them much more likely to do what you’re asking and to do it happily now and again in the future.
  5. Results – Plain and simple, we do things for results. You go to the store, to result in having food at your house. You go to work to get a paycheck and you drive a car to get where you are going right? To every action there is a result. No one wants to just do things for no reason. So when you have that lazy person on the line from your cell service and you know they can remove that fee for you but they aren’t doing it, you wonder why? Because you have given them a reason to, a result. It’s important to say to that representative or whomever you are speaking with, “you know doing this for me this one time would result in a very happy customer.” Always, always show the positive result of the other persons actions.
  6. Discover – When faced with a scenario where you need help with something or you are trying to teach someone your way of doing something, use the word Discover. “Let’s discover a new way of filing this big mess.” “Can you help me discover the best way to operate this program on my computer?” Why use this word? It’s exciting, it’s very exciting to discover something new and people with knowledge on specific things, love to teach. Using the word discover also opens the other person up positively, it’s not pointing a finger at that mess but rather creating an opportunity. Humans are, after all, innate opportunists.
  7. Love – Love is also a word that ignites passion and excitement. Some may argue it’s the most passionate explicative word there is. You could say, “Gosh I like these taco’s” and the maker of said taco’s may believe you. But if you say, “Gosh I love these taco’s”, there is no question of whether or not you are in fact enjoying those taco’s. First of all, the taco maker will be so excited you love them, they will offer more and in addition the taco maker may be more apt to make taco’s for you again in the future. This can be used on any number of scenarios where you want more of whatever is happening. “Jane, I really love it when your chores are done when I get home, thank you.” It’s much more enticing for someone to do things for you when they know they are really appreciated and that you feel passionately about what they have done for you.
  8. Safety -This is a great word to use when discussing anything financial, whether or not you want someone to know their private information is safe or their investment is safe. Discussing the safety of what you are selling is very important to the person who is to believe what you are saying. That’s why when you go into a restaurant the Health Department has required that letter grades are placed on the restaurant window. This alerts the customer to the safety of the food product they are about to consume. I don’t know about you , but I avoid anything below an A. So whatever conversation you are having or product you are trying to sell, you always want to demonstrate the safety. It’s the same with the internet search bar turning green and showing a closed lock in the right hand corner on banking sites, it shows it’s a secure site, providing what? Safety of the consumers private information. So you can imagine how using this word in conversation helps to reassure others. “We give you this extra key to secure the building, it’s for your own safety.” “I can promise the safety of your information when you provide it to me over the phone.” “The safety of your children at our center will never be compromised.”
  9. Health – Whether you are discussing human physical health or financial health, health is just a good positive word. “Let’s create the system this way to insure the health of our growing database of customers.” “It’s important to my health that you please limit the sodium in my meal.” It’s one of those words that we automatically associate in a positive manner. We want our portfolios, our bodies, our minds, our families and our friends to be healthy. The word encompasses the importance of all things it relates to.
  10. Unique – The best way I can think of to describe the use of this word is special. Special and unique are pretty much the same thing. So you ask, why not use the word special instead of unique? Because anyone can be special but unique is generally regarded as one of a kind. “Your beauty is so unique” “This car with those wheels, is really unique.” You see how using the word demonstrates a one-of-a-kindness? So how can you use that to your advantage. “I have a really unique request for you.” This let’s that person know they are going to be accomplishing a unique task, which is just so much more special than the norm.
  11. Best – I’m not sure this word needs much explaining. It’s obvious that most people want the best of everything or they want to be the best at everything. You can use this word in a couple different forms. Using it as a compliment automatically makes people soften to you, “I hear you are the best at getting this taken care of, that’s why I came to you.” or you can use it as a sales technique. “This is the best there is.” You could be talking about potato’s and if that’s the best potato, the person you are talking to, is going to want that potato.
  12. Free – Who doesn’t want something for free? Pretty much everyone wants something for free. When using this word for sales of a product, it’s always good to point out something that’s free, “When you purchase this car, you get 3 free months of Sirius radio.” It’s a benefit to the purchaser. However it’s a little more tricky when you are selling thin air. In that case you can transform the word into “freedom”. “Buying this product or signing up for this service will give you the freedom to pay bills online.” or again there is always this line to get people on your side. “Say, you know what’s free? Smiles.” and then flash a nice big cheesy one. I dare someone to say no to that.
  13. Benefit -Use this word a lot! This is a word that can be thrown in a lot. You can use it when explaining a product, you can tell people how they can benefit or how they can benefit you by doing such and such action. Benefit is a great word to demonstrate a positive reaction to an action. “It would greatly benefit your cell company to become competitive on prices with the other cell company.” “You would be benefiting greatly by doing this.” “The benefits of this action or this product are…” Showing people the upside to their action is always a favorable way to ask for something. it makes them feel like they are getting something in return.
  14. Ensure – No not the vitamin shakes for the elderly. We are talking about a guarantee of sorts. But in this particular case we want to use the word ensure, it’s kind of like a guarantee but a little more personal. A guarantee can come on a product from a manufacturer but saying you ensure something is saying that you personally will make sure this happens. “I can ensure you if you move my payment date I will be able to make my payments timely.”  “I ensure, if you buy this product, they will personally come and install it free for you.”
  15. Absolutely – Anything that’s absolute is resolute and what is resolute? An absolute resolution right? So when you use the word absolute, you are providing an answer with positive reinforcement. It’s a word that adds enforcement to a point. If someone asks you what color their shirt is, you could say its green but somehow that leaves room for doubt. If you say, “It’s absolutely green.” You are enforcing that there is zero doubt in your mind that shirt is green.
  16. Immediately – Another positive results word. What’s better than getting something good right now? Nothing. When something has an immediate response or reaction tell people. “When you are done reading this article, you will immediately know the 20 secret power words.” “When you buy this smoothie you will immediately feel the energizing results.” “If you help me with this, I will immediately help you with that.”
  17. Power – Power, Power, Power muhahahahaha ok do not do that. However, do – do this, “I can really see the brain power going into this project.” you see that great positive reinforcement that makes people want to continue to try hard for you.  “Can you please use the powers that be to help me get this accomplished.” Letting someone know you think they have power over others is just a little ego boost, ” I hear you are in a powerful position and can help me get a quick answer to my problem.” It is true, the power is in the punch.” Would we have known that Oz was powerful if he didn’t say he was the great and powerful Oz? Probably not. Use the word.
  18. Really – A great word to show emphasis on something important. It highlights and accentuates your point. “I really need this to get done today.” “I really would like to order this but there is onion in it.” You get an immediate offer without even asking a question. “I really hope you continue to keep up the good work.” It’s like standing at the edge of an open airplane door with a parachute on, you look like you are going to jump but it only counts as skydiving if you really did jump.
  19. Unlimited – We human beings loooooove the idea of things unlimitedly. You know you signed up for that cell phone plan because of the unlimited data, don’t lie. But here are some ways to use this word. “I will unlimitedly put in a good word for you if you keep up the good work.” “I will offer you unlimited access if you pay this small fee.” The word makes it seem like you are giving way more than you are asking for.
  20. Secret – Everyone wants to know the secret, the 20 secret power words to get what you want. The secret to life, the secret to happiness. The word secret makes it seem like the information or item you are giving someone is coveted and unknown. The unknown is why humans do everything they do, you watch a new movie or read a new book or try a new food or a new vacation spot because the idea of the unknown drives the human mind to question and we can’t stand having unanswered questions. You want answers, you want to know the secrets that seemingly only few know to make you wealthy or good looking or smart. The secret is the key to everything! Use this word to entice, to exclude the majority yet covet the minority. It will make your guests, your buyers, your readers, the people you are speaking to feel like they are special, unique, the best, like they are exclusive. “Now you know the 20 secret power words to getting what you want immediately.”