Tales of any break up usually conclude with months on end of swearing off your significant other and falling back into old habits over and over until it’s really over for good.

One day you just sort of wake up and realize that you were in a fog and that you’re entire relationship was bullshit. That person never treated you right. You weren’t really happy or gaining anything from spending your time in that relationship. So why were you in it?

That’s how we’re starting to feel about Facebook. So much so, it might be time to end the relationship.

We started to weigh the pro’s and con’s to stop this activate/deactivate madness, so here is the list of both pro’s and con’s that we came up with:


You get to stay in touch with friends.  Wait is this really a pro? Don’t your real friends call and text you and see you regularly? Yes. So scratch that.

You get event invites and can see who’s going. But again, if your friends are inviting you and going, wouldn’t you have known about it outside of Facebook?

You get to see pictures of what everyone is doing in their lives. Umm hello Instagram without the bullshit.

You get to express your opinion openly. But when you do, you will be chastised by your so called friends.

You get to have a business page and advertise to your friends. Your real friends are already supportive of your business and those are 200 out of 2000 that liked that page you made. People aren’t buying things on Facebook. Fact.

Well okay so we couldn’t come up with any pro’s, but we gave it a try. So here is a nice list of con’s.


Narcissism  – OMG I like got 2000 likes on the photo of me with my boobs hanging out. Yes, Joe Blow’s gym pic with his shirt off needs another like to blow his head up.

Seriously… your friends are in real life waiting for you.

Political Ranting – The political leaders of our country have designed our government for an individuals right to vote and within that right is an individuals right to express their opinion. However, if expressed on Facebook, expect to be placed in friend exile if you happen to have a different view than anyone.

Religious Recruiting – As if by the time most of us have graduated high school we haven’t figured out our religion?! Disguising a dinner as a recruitment for Scientology or a yoga class as a pathway to Christ is just another one of the wonders of Facebook.

Bullshit – Those special people who post that their lives are all Bentley’s and Benjamin’s, meanwhile they rent with two roommates and don’t have a car. Stop posting and get a job. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies for you, it’s all ramen and stolen wifi.

News – Yes, a lot of news outlets post the latest on Facebook. But why not pick up a paper or um actually go to Huffington Posts website and read all the news, instead of a bunch of ignoramuses comments below the posts.

Why are we all having such a hard time breaking up with the social media giant?