Being avid travelers, we have researched some of the coolest items out on the market today that help make your life easier and safer while traveling.

Here is a list of the coolest, most unique, travel gadgets you just may need to get for your next trip!

Bluetooth Suitcase – A truly smart suitcase. Lock your suitcase from your phone, locate your bag anywhere in the world, find out the weight of your bag at any time and charge a device up to 6 times on it. Seriously cool!  Introducing the Bluesmart. Available in two sizes for purchase at

Quick Charging Phone Charger – Not all chargers are created equal and sometimes you don’t have hours to charge up your devices.  One of our favorite quick chargers is the Halo. Available at many stores but we found QVC to have a large selection of colors and styles at really good prices! Never miss that call or text because of a dead battery again.

Roll up Travel Blanket – No one wants to carry a big heavy blanket around when traveling. Airplanes can sometimes get quite chilly, heat up with this pocket sized travel blanket.

Inflatable Travel Pillow – Tired of getting a kink in your neck from trying to sleep in those uncomfortable plane seats?  Now you can bring your pillow with you and sleep comfortably without taking up much space. Here’s one of our favorites because of its soft material to keep your head nice and cozy

Phone Case Cardholder – There are many different versions of these but we like this hidden vault case. It holds up to two cards so when you are at the airport and need quick access to the digital plane ticket loaded on your phone and your I.D., it’s all in one place. Or for when you are out exploring a new city and want to keep your credit card and room key tucked away safe, this is a great sleek option! And since it’s usually in the palm of your hand it’s hard for thieves to steal.

Anti-theft Travel Backpack – Speaking of thieves, they are doing everything from swiping credit card numbers to cutting bags open with a knife to steal the contents these days. It’s pretty scary to think your most valuable possessions could be strapped to your back and stolen without you knowing! We love this back zipping, wire bodied backpack. A few sizes are available at

Retractable Charger – Airports these days have charging stations… thank God, for you to keep your devices charged before boarding your next flight and now some airplanes have seat chargers as well. Having cords popping out of your purse or carryon bag can lead to losing items tangled in the cords and can just generally be a pain to travel with, so why not make your life easier so the next time the charger needs a charge or your phone or iPad is dying, reach in your pocket or side purse pocket for this little retractable cord to charge your devices.