In more recent years, human beings have evolved into a more sedentary lifestyle. In the age of electronics, we tend to sit in front of TV screens, computers screens, phone screens and other devices more than previous generations. We have gone from active hunters and gatherers to drive-thru fast food and meal ordering from our couches. Our meals are more caloric and chalked full of more weight contributing preservatives than ever before. Between the inactive lifestyles and high calorie meals, our bodies aren’t burning enough calories to keep us from gaining weight. To counter our inactive lifestyles our bodies need resistance training more than ever.

The good news is, today we have many options for weight loss. There are countless weightlifting gyms, yoga studios, Pilates studios, dance studios and boot camp classes which are all great options to get you moving. But the question is, where should you start on your journey to a healthier lifestyle? Hiring a private trainer for pointers is definitely a great start, in a few sessions you could learn basic key exercises that burn calories and help to keep you motivated. So you ask, what if I can’t afford a private trainer or a gym membership? What if I have no will power to leave the house? The answer. Body weight exercises you can do at home.

With over 12 years of experience as a private trainer, my favorite and most effective workouts use minimal equipment and more of my own body weight, so in collaboration with private trainer and friend Richard Rountree, we developed LR, short for Limitless Resistance.

LR is a U.S. Patented compact fitness device that combines both suspension training and resistance band training all in one convenient, light weight, carrying bag. In a minimum of ten minutes, LR provides a total body workout while minimizing impact and injuries. LR is great for strengthening, increasing range of motion, integrating 3D movement and activating stabilizing muscles which all help to combat weight gain. The amount of exercises and levels of intensity are Limitless with LR and the best part is that, a one-time, low cost purchase of the equipment is accompanied by unlimited free private training videos on LimitlessResistance.com! No more expensive monthly gym memberships. Now you don’t even have to leave your house for a total body workout! We know you will love it. Stop by LimitlessResistance.com today and make your lifestyle a healthy one!

Josue Sandoval