So you want to be happier? Maybe you think about life and your life in particular and all these things come to mind that could make you happier, but this, but that, and whatever else holds you back from living the dream. For me, my dream has always been to be able to work remotely and travel the world. My reasons for never getting to do that thus far in my life has been because of the fact that I am a single mother and stability is super important in our world.

Not being able to be a “free agent” as I call it, would make me really unhappy and I would dwell on my misery of having to go to my 9-5 and taking the obligatory 2-3 weeks of vacation annually to feed my fire. I felt trapped and every day it was hard for me to get up and do the same thing over and over again, until one day…

I decided to change my outlook on life. I’ll give you a few things I did to begin with that helped purge out the negative and drive in the positive and then from this article here on out, I am going to try to post daily mantra’s, songs, workouts, tips and affirmations that I truly believe will help you to also drive that positivity into your life and become a happier person day to day.

So here’s where I started.

If someone made me feel bad about who I am or generally had no positive things to say to me, I cut them out or at very least lessened my contact. I know this sounds cold but the fact is, this is your life and being around negative people will only bring you down to their level. There is no saving people. They and you, have to want to be happy.

The next thing I did and this is soooooo important. Start saying YES! Say yes to things you would have said no to before. Try that new exercise class, go out to that new lounge on a week night, plan to be on the move and say yes to random things. This truly changes everything! When I wanted to start traveling but had limited funds and limited time a few years back, I one day woke up and told myself, Yes, I can do this! So I booked a flight in January for a July trip to NYC with my tax return money. I couldn’t yet afford the hotel but I told myself if I want this bad enough I’ll figure it out. I had never been to NYC and I had never traveled on my own anywhere. Guess what, when the time came, I had that money for my hotel and the rest of my trip. I saw everything there is to see in that city, I made forever friends and have since been back at least 4 times every year since! Not only that but I have traveled to other cities and countries now. Sometimes I go with friends, sometimes I take my son and sometimes I go alone. I wanted it that bad that I just told myself yes and my whole world changed. The next thing I knew, I was looking for a new job that paid more so I could go on even more trips and so the story goes… you say yes to whatever it may be and you WILL be able to do it.

After realizing I could do anything I wanted, I went and tried something else new, becoming a morning person. I cannot express to you how much this changed me and my outlook on a day to day basis. I still go to my 9-5 and I still have the obligatory 2-3weeks of vacation and so you would think I would still be unhappy that I am not where I want to be. Yes of course I still want that but that doesn’t mean I should be unhappy while I work towards my goal. Getting up early in the morning and having time to myself that’s all about me has been the best thing I could have ever done on my journey to happiness. I get my work out in, I prep my meals for the day, I listen to amazing music, I talk on the phone, sometimes I clean, sometimes I just take a really long shower. But the point is, it’s designated me time and there is no better way to kick off your day than by getting physically fit, planning your healthy meals and taking care of your mind. Give it a try. If you can try going for 21 days straight and really pay attention to how you feel after you do this, you will be hooked. They say it takes 3 weeks to permanently change a habit. That’s why 21 days. If you don’t see a change, I want you to personally message me and I will work with you to get this going. These days, something that really makes me happy, is making others happy.

So you say… but I can’t get to sleep early enough. I wake up groggy. I can’t get up. Well I’ll do an entire blog on this eventually but for now, a few things that can help are:

Open your shades so the sun comes into your bedroom as it comes up.

Put your alarm clock/phone across the room so you have to get up to turn it off.

Play music you love right away.

Once you do this a few times, even if you started out going to bed late, your body will get tired and you will start falling asleep earlier. Slowly but surely you will get used to going to sleep early and waking up early.

The next thing that’s so important is a strong daily affirmation, set a goal and speak positively to yourself about this goal. Mine has been to have a rock star ass, yup I said it. I want to have the most amazing ass ever and so I get up and tell myself I can do it and I go to my workout and I work on getting this ass in shape! This is embarrassing but when my phone alarm goes off in the morning at 6:15am during the week it says “Get that Ass!” LOL! It works guys, it reminds me first thing in the morning of my goal. I have a second alarm set for weekends that says “Weekend Ass!” do what works for you. Positively reinforcing yourself, whether it’s a note on your mirror, a song that revs you up or a silly note in your alarm, give yourself that affirmation daily.

I hope that some of my ideas will help you on your journey to happiness. I can tell you right now, I am the happiest I have ever been and I don’t have every “thing” I want but somehow doing this has made me wake up every day and realize, I do have it all and more is to come. Because when you are happy, you have it all. That’s the dream, not the new car, not the big house, not the job or the vacations. The happiness is what you’re really after, the rest will just be superfluous goodness. How many times have you seen or heard about someone rich and/or famous that is obviously leading a very unhappy life? Many times right? That’s because it’s not the things, it’s not the money, it’s the happiness inside you and you can have it whether you’re rich or poor. The best part is, once you are happy, it’s easier to get everything else you strive for because you are already happy getting there and working towards these goals.

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Let’s do this!!