Quote of the Day: “There is magic, but you have to be the magician. You have to make the magic happen.” ~ Sidney Sheldon

Song of the Day: Sail – AWOLNATION

Exercise of the Day:  Group Cycle

Affirmation: “My mind is filled with positivity and my life is full with joy.”

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of music. Even the sad songs. Using music to relieve emotion caught deep within us is actually healthy, even if it’s sad and makes you cry. Don’t be afraid to listen to music that may be a reminder of unpleasant events, it can be a powerful way to let go of the things that have hurt us in the past. It can also be a way to create new, great, wonderful memories in our lives. Pain is not pain if it is not felt and understood and without it, there would be no joy to feel and understand. Dance, sing, cry whatever it is, use music to allow you to feel it. The less you hold within you, the healthier your body and mind will be.