Quote of the Day: “The noblest kind of beauty is that which does not transport us suddenly, which does not make stormy and intoxicating impressions (such a kind easily arouses disgust) but that which slowly filters into our minds.”  ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Song of the Day: Maria Maria – Santana

Exercise of the Day: Bikram Yoga

Affirmation: “I am intelligent and can solve any issues with grace and diligence.”

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of having a workout buddy. Sometimes we just don’t feel like going to work out and on those days it’s really encouraging to have someone to go workout with. If you have told someone you are going to be there to workout, chances are better that you will go than if you didn’t make that promise to someone. Find a friend with like-minded fitness goals and push each other to hit those goals.