FullSizeRenderQuote of the Day: “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”  ~ Jim Rohn

Song of the Day: Between the Sheets – Isley Brothers

Exercise of the Day: Hiking

Affirmation: “I am destined for greatness. I just have to hop on the train that takes me there.”

Tip: Eating low carb? There are lots of alternatives to help you eat healthy and low carb at the same time. Have that burger, but wrap it in lettuce instead of a bun, kale chips instead of potato chips, zucchini pasta instead of regular pasta, etc. There are even some yummy low carb alternatives like Mission low carb tortillas and while cereal generally isn’t considered low carb, there are some lower carb options like Special K, Cheerios and Wheaties. There are even lower carb cookies, breads and bagel thins to help you keep those carbs low. You can always easily google how many carbs are in any food item. Today I found out that spinach has 12 grams of carbs while kale only has 2 grams of carbs. Looks like I’ll be choosing kale over spinach!