Quote of the Day: “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” ~ Nicolas Chamfort

Song of the Day: P.Y.T. – Michael Jackson

Exercise of the Day: Stretch and Roll Out

Affirmation: “It’s okay to honor my strength with a day of relaxation. I will stay strong and tomorrow will be a new day.”

Tip: Sometimes we overlook the part our surroundings play in our happiness. If things are messy, broken, out of order or in general disarray we feel stress which leads to less feelings of joy, happiness and relaxation. It’s important to keep things clean and orderly and even helps to have good scents, vibrant colors we enjoy looking at and positive relaxing sounds. It’s a great habit to get into to make sure things are tidy and orderly before going to bed. It helps the day start out right. A nice invigorating scent from a full-bodied essential oil like bittersweet orange or lemongrass is a great compliment to a clean home, a set calendar and your favorite music. How could anyone be unhappy in that surrounding?