Quote of the Day: “We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.” ~ Ray Bradbury

Song of the Day: My Boo – Usher

Exercise of the Day: Power Plate Boot Camp

Affirmation: “I will handle my reality with strength and domination.”

Tip: When exercising track and celebrate your success!

  • Note your activities on a calendar or in a logbook. Write down the distance or length of time of your activity and how you feel after each session.
  • Keep a record of your activities. Reward yourself at special milestones with non-food items, like a small gift or shopping trip for yourself. Nothing motivates like success!
  • There are apps that you can download to help you track your activities or you can purchase devices like the Fitbit. I really like to use the ClassPass app. I buy and do all of my classes from the app. It keeps track of all the classes I have taken and allows me to go back and check out how active I have been. I’m also able to favorite the classes I really enjoyed. in just a little over 365 days I took 306 classes! How is that for an exciting number to watch grow.