The London Eye - Westminster, London
The London Eye – Westminster, London

Quote of the Day: “There can be no comparison: nothing exists that is able to reverse itself as quickly as the mind.” ~ Buddha

Song of the Day: A Change is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke

Exercise of the Day: Power Plate

Affirmation: “I am becoming better at recognizing positive or negative thoughts, confidently choosing what to accept or dismiss.”

Tip: Does working out make you eat more?

You torch a lot of calories when you kill it in an intense workout so you’d expect your body to respond with intense hunger pangs that lead you directly to the refrigerator. But actually, the opposite appears to be true, according to a recent review of previous studies published in the journal PLOS ONE, they have determined that, contrary to what many gym-goers believe, no evidence shows that working out makes you eat more. In fact, what happens when you get an intense workout is your body decreases levels of the hormone ghrelin (which fuels hunger) and higher blood sugar levels (which can stave off cravings).

This is great news for those motivated not just to shape up but also to slim down. If burning lots of calories won’t leave you hungrier than usual, then you’re less likely to undo your calorie burn after a workout by going on a food bender.

Working out may also affect the way the brain processes food cues. A 2012 study from Brigham Young University found that women who viewed images of food were less interested in actually eating the food they were shown if they had worked out that morning. What’s more, the women didn’t consume any more food on workout days than on non-workout days. This lead researchers to suggest that being active changed their neural functioning enough to decrease their motivation to eat.

So you’re probably asking, then why do I feel more hungry after workouts? You might want to check out how much protein you are getting and speak with a doctor about the appropriate amount of protein you should be having daily. Protein staves off hunger and supplies your muscles with the fuel they need. Without the proper amount of protein in your diet you just may end up binging on empty calorie foods in order to satisfy that craving.