Liberty Island -New York City
Liberty Island- New York City
Quote of the Day: “Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.” ~ Alan W. Watts

Song of the Day: Motownphilly – Boys II Men

Exercise of the Day: Swimming

Affirmation: “I give thanks and choose to be happy.”

Tip: Cutting back on bacteria in your home doesn’t have to mean harsh chemicals. In fact one of the most germ filled items in your home is your sponge. You use your sponge to wipe surfaces that food touches. Everything from plates and silverware to counters, tabletops and even cutting boards. About 15% of sponges contain bacteria that can actually make you ill. So how can we cut down the bacteria on a sponge? It’s actually very simple, every couple days throw your sponge in the dishwasher to be cleaned with your dishes or if you don’t have a dishwasher or it’s not full and you aren’t ready to run it. Nuke your sponge. That’s right, just throw that sponge right in the microwave for a few seconds and the bacteria will die. Voila! A nice clean sponge to keep your surfaces free of illness causing bacteria.