Skyline over California
Skyline over California
Quote of the Day: “The point of the spiritual life is to realize Truth. But you will never understand the spiritual life, or realize Truth, if you measure it by your own yardstick.” ~ Dainin Katagiri

Song of the Day: Better Man – Leon Bridges

Exercise of the Day: Cardio Kickboxing

Affirmation: “I am ready and able to surmount all challenges that come my way.”

Tip: An apple a day, keeps the heart disease away. People who munch on apples, eat applesauce, or drink apple juice are 27 percent less likely to develop metabolic syndrome — a combination of health problems, such as increased blood pressure and blood-sugar levels, that can lead to heart disease and diabetes, research shows. Other studies suggest that eating apples may reduce your risk of breast cancer.