Washington Monument - Washington, D.C.
Washington Monument – Washington, D.C.
Quote of the Day: “You can be anything you want to be as long as you know who you are. Paradoxically, once you realize this, you begin to lose your sense of self.” ~ Todd Crawshaw

Song of the Day: Angel Baby – Rosie & The Originals

Exercise of the Day: Dance

Affirmation: “I am discovering the true nature of my being through meditation and observation.”

Tip: Beans, beans the magical fruit… The more you eat the less you weigh? Well that’s a new version of this song and dance. According to new research, people who regularly consume beans typically weigh six pounds less than those who don’t, even though they take in more daily calories. Researchers believe this may be because the legume eaters get more fiber but consume less fat, especially saturated fat, than those who shy away from beans. Throw a handful into salads, soups, or pasta sauce for an extra boost of protein and fiber.