Beverly Hills Block Party
Beverly Hills Block Party

Quote of the Day: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Song of the Day: Demons – Imagine Dragons

Exercise of the Day: Chakra Healing Sound Bath (an exercise for your mind)

Affirmation: “I am a beacon of strength, love and light and while someone may dim my light and numb my love… they can never take it away from me fully.”

Tip: Transfer of energy. This is a very important topic to me since, as you may have noticed, I’ve taken some time off from writing here on B&B.

I’ve taken it on as a personal challenge in my life over the last few years to speak nothing but love and light over my life and others. Now, I say the last few years because before this challenge I didn’t realize I had the power to change how I was feeling about my life and I was in some pretty deep dark places that needed some caressing to pull out of. So I challenged myself and I had been doing pretty darn good. That does not by any means, mean things were perfect. It means I altered my way of thinking which in turn greatly benefitted my life.

So here’s where the learning curve came in. I didn’t realize exactly how important it is to have like minded individuals surrounding me. I didn’t realize how easily love and light can become dark and painful if not fought back against properly. And we all know what makes us weak and thinking foggy and generally what makes us just do stupid things… love. Yep, good ole fashioned love. It can turn even the most level headed bloke into a fool and a fool I was.

Now the problem is never falling in love. There is nothing more kind or more forgiving of the world and the pain its caused you, than falling in love. Love and time are your two greatest gifts (don’t forget that). They are also two things that you can give and not receive back. So loving is not the issue. The issue is, however, with whom you fall in love with. This person is given a power when you love them. A power over you, with your thoughts and with your body because you love them and you trust them. You are gifting them your two most precious gifts and it’s imperative that the person you love understands this or things can go very sour.

Let me cultivate all of this by saying, it’s never wrong to love and give your heart away. But… and this is a big but, without caution you can have your love and light taken from you, and that is very painful. This is why it’s so important to exercise some sort of caution when falling head… or in this case, heart first. And make no mistake, your love and your light and your amazing charismatic outlook on the world will return to you… it just may take some time. So if given the chance… choose those you surround yourself with wisely. Not everyone is worthy of your amazing gifts.